DHS Brings Back Homecoming Parade


Community groups and school organizations shared the spotlight in a Homecoming parade on Main Ave. It was the first Homecoming parade in Durango in more than a decade. Groups like the Demons Marching Band, youth football and the DHS Black Students Alliance took part. This story is sponsored by Happy Pappy’s Pizza & Wings and the law firm of Downs, McDonough, Cowen, and Foley

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Durango High School's Homecoming is going down as one for the ages. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Happy Pappy Pizza and Wings and the Law firm of Downs, McDonough, Cowan and Foley. DHS students celebrated Homecoming 2022 with a handful of events, most notably, a parade down Main Street. Student floats showcased teams like the Durango Youth Football Program. Organizations like the DHS Black Students Alliance and Ensembles like the Demons Marching Band.

There's been a lot of behind the scenes work to this parade, and I'm so happy that everyone is here and that we have so much support and it's just very exciting that like the moment is finally here. And like the Tradition's back after a decade.

Student organizer and junior class president Molly Martinez is proud to be a part of the group that brought the Homecoming Parade back for the first time and 11 years. And it meant she gained some experience navigating some logistical challenges.

I've been making a lot of phone calls making sure all the clubs are like ready to go and getting my junior class float ready to go, as well as making sure that there's a lot of publicity around downtown and just everyone knows about it.

Classmates worked on their floats for a week leading up to the spectacle to make sure they put their best foot forward. The fine tuning even came down to the final seconds.

I've heard a lot of people excited about the tradition coming back from like alumni and my family and like just people in the community. And then students are excited to be able to represent their classes and their clubs.

Cheerleaders, mascots, and of course some free candy kept spirits high for the hundreds of spectators who watched the cavalcade march along Maine for five blocks, from the Straighter Hotel to Buckley Park. It was a chance for Martinez to enjoy the fruits of her labor and get some perspective.

I'm realizing to savor it a little bit more since it's my second to last homecoming, so stuff like this really makes it all worth it.

The Demons football team did its part to keep the so-called Red Sea satisfied on Friday night, dominating Summit to the tune of 56 to 3 for its fourth win of the season. Durango residents and alumni saw plenty to stoke their pride in the local high school and community throughout homecoming week. And students like Martinez hope they've set the bar for what Homecoming in the future can resemble. Thanks for watching this edition of The Local News Network. I'm Connor Shreave.


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