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Bond Extension to Update School Bldgs

Durango School District 9-Rhas had to cut its operting budget by $4 million. But it plans to ask voters to extend its 2002 bond to ensure enough capital revenues to keep school buildings from deteriorating.

Five Easy Ideas to Update Your House

Simple steps like using energy-efficient light builbs, spiffying up your landscaping, or remodeling your bathroom and kitchen can add value to your home, whether you want to sell or stay a while.

Dishing Up Dirt with $100,000 State Grant

Durango's Table to Farm Compost has ramped up its production of artisan soil made from local food scraps-turned-compost thanks to a $100,000 state health department grant for projects that divert waste from landfills.

Cooking Up Success at DGO Artisan Foods

A small artisan food manufacturer produces its own line of hot sauces, salsa, and spice mixes, but it also helps other food entrepreneurs develop their recipes to bring to market in their commercial kitchen.

Non-Profit to Recycle Computers for Kids

A Denver-based non-profit called PCs for Kids is working with local businesses and educators to provide recycled, upgraded computers for Durango students who don’t have access to technology at home.

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