Studying Snow in the Summer

June 12, 2024

The Mountain Studies Institute and Wright-Ingraham Institute are partnering to research the impact of dust on snow, exploring how dust accelerates snowmelt and exacerbates drought conditions. The first 72 units of affordable housing at The Residences at Durango are on track to be completed by year-end, transforming the former Best Western Inn into a mix of renovated studios and apartments. Additionally, the Durango Public Library’s summer reading program, which began on May 31st, offers reading incentives for all age groups, with the program running through August 1st. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Denise Elliott, State Farm Agent and Sky Ute Casino.

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The Mountain Studies Institute has partnered with the Wright Ingram Institute to study the impact of dust on snow this summer, and are looking for people to join the team. The residences at Durango are on schedule to finish the first 72 apartments in the Affordable Housing Project by the end of the year and the summer reading program at the Durango Public Library kicked off at the month start, but it's not too late to sign up to join. You're watching the local news Roundup, brought to you by Denise Elliott, State Farm Agent and Sky Ute Casino. I'm Sadie Smith. The Wright Ingram Institute has partnered with the Mountain Studies Institute for a summer study on the impact of dust on snow. The project is looking at the impacts of climate change via dust as topsoil dries and how the dust impacts the health of communities and snow pack. Dust on snow contributes to an earlier and faster snow melt, which can worsen drought conditions downstream, contributing to the ongoing drying out. The project begins this month with virtual listening sessions, followed by project development July through September. An in-person symposium in Cortez in October will wrap up the project. Anyone interested in this interdisciplinary project is encouraged to visit the website to learn more. The Housing Innovation Division announced it is on track to open the residences at Durango by the end of the year. The residences formerly the best Western Inn will offer 120 units, 72 units renovated from the former hotel and 48 new construction units. The existing hotel remodel will offer 44 studio apartments to one bedroom and one two bedroom units. The affordable housing units will service households at or below 60% of the area, median income with several servicing households at or below 30% of the area median income. Durango Public Library's summer reading program, adventure begins at your library kicked off May 31st. There are programs available for everyone, kids, teens and tweens, and adults. Incentives are available for the first 10 hours of reading for the kids program, and 20 hours of reading for the teens and tweens program with additional opportunities to win the grand prize for every additional 10 to 20 hours logged after. Adults will be entered to win a weekly raffle for every title they read, log hours, and books on the Durango Beanstack app. Keep an eye on the library's website or check in person for the summer reading events for everyone. The program grows through August 1st, so sign up today. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of the Local News Roundup, I'm Sadie Smith.


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