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Vaccinations Progressing, but Availability Limited

San Juan Basin Public Health officials say they're making progress on COVID vaccine distribution, but until supplies ramp up, vaccinations for the entire Southwest Colorado population may take longer than anticipated.

Historical Photos Capture Four Corners Life from a Hundred Years Ago

A box filled with large-format film and glass-plate negatives shot by an unknown photographer reveal what life was like in the Four Corners a hundred years ago.

Win Up to $25,000 with Red Ball Express

Although the pandemic has forced cancellation of dozens of charitable events, local nonprofits have devised creative ways to raise money this year, including the Rotary Clubs of Durango. See how they've adapted the annual Red Ball Express. Winner could take home up to $25,000 in prize money. Sponsored by Alpine Bank of Durango.

Annie's Orphans Struggling to Make Ends Meet

The pandemic has devastated fund-raising for Annie's Orphans, a no-kill dog shelter and sanctuary. Find out how you can help keep hope alive for orphan dogs this winter.

Farmington Family Market Survives COVID

Find out how the Flores family tapped into their perseverance and cooking talents to keep The Family Market and Restaurant afloat during the pandemic.

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