Why Sugar is the Real Fat Monster


Traditional diet management programs include recommendations to lower your fat intake. But that doesn't always take off the fat. Sugar is the culprit. PHD Weight Loss founder, Dr. Ashley Lucas, explains why. Sponsored by PHD Weight Loss

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Do you have an addiction to sugar? Sugar, especially when mixed with vegetable oils is like adding fuel to the fire of weight loss failure. The amount of sugar we eat in the United States has increased from 18 pounds per person per year in the early 19th century, to more than 180 pounds per person per year today, an increase of nearly 600% during the past 200 years. What was once a rare delight has become a staple of every part of every meal that we consume. No wonder so many of us are addicted to sugar. Research has found that sugar stimulates the human brain using the same reward pathways as addictive drugs. And some suggests that sugar addiction is more powerful and difficult to break than cocaine addiction. That's why the food industry produces and markets products that manipulate brain chemistry and behaviors so that you become addicted to their foods. Ever wonder why some chips in a bag of Doritos seems sweeter or spicier than others? Food designers want you to eat another handful to find the next sweetest or spiciest chip in the bag. As a result of our food addictions, the majority of us are now overweight or obese, prediabetic or diabetic. So the next time you reach for something to eat, ask yourself, "Am I hungry? Does my body need this food? How is this going to make me stronger? Or is this a result of a craving driven by marketing or a behavior driven by addiction?" The road to addiction recovery starts with acknowledging the problem, followed by an intense desire to make a change, and then the belief that you can do it if you really want to. Let our train nutritionists and lifestyle coaches at PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition provide you with the tools and support you need to overcome your personal addiction to food.

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