Why Buy One Xmas Tree? Buy a Forest!

All Coloradans should wear non-medical masks when outside their home, colorado.gov
If you have COVID-19 signs, complete the anonymous survey for the tracker, sjbpublichealth.org
Colorado stay-at-home order extended to April 26, colorado.gov
Southwest Colorado confirmed COVID-19 cases by county: La Plata (37), Archuleta (6), Montezuma (8), Dolores (0), San Juan (0). 1 death in Montezuma, sjbpublichealth.org, montezumacounty.org
April 9th - Colorado COVID-19 totals (as of 4/7, 4 pm): 5,655 cases, 193 deaths (first person in their 20s), 1,162 hospitalized, 29,199 tested, 44 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities, colorado.gov

For the friend or family member who has everything, why not start a new forest for a Christmas present? The San Juan National Forest has gift certificates for seedlings to reforest burn areas.

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