What to Eat for Lunch to Stay on Your Health Plan


Dr. Ashley Lucas, founder of PHD Weight Loss, offers lunch menu ideas to keep your new healthy eating habits on track and to avoid that afternoon slump. Sponsored by PHD Weight Loss.

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You've made the decision to change your lifestyle, your mindset and your eating habits to become a healthier happier you. An important part of your new commitment will be to plan for your lunches so that you don't overeat later in the afternoon or at dinner time. And that can be difficult. Perhaps you find yourself eating lunch at a restaurant for a business meeting, or your morning is just too hectic to prepare a nutritious lunch to go that will carry you through the afternoon. So here are some strategies that can work for you. If your mornings are busy, fix your lunch the evening before, try maybe some leftovers from dinner, add grilled steak, chicken, maybe fish or some tofu to greens and pack of full fat salad dressing in a small container. Add cheese, nuts and a variety of chopped veggies if you have time. Make a chicken tuna or firm tofu salad using dressing made with avocado oil which decreases inflammation. Add hikmah or turmeric to the mix for texture and flavor, and wrap in a lettuce leaves instead of bread. To save even more time, you can purchase organic romaine lettuce leaves that are already prepared for reps. If you go to a restaurant or order takeout up for a burger without the bun and decide salad. You'll find restaurants are pretty accommodating, when you ask to substitute veggies in place of grains or potatoes. Avoid these choices, heavy greasy carbs. They're hard to digest and will leave you feeling too full and lethargic. Hamburgers with fries, bulls heavy with rice corn and beans, sandwiches with potato chips, and apple pop, and a cookie will cause your blood glucose to spike followed by a low that causes that mid afternoon slump. Experiment with these suggestions and create a schedule of healthy food choices that will fuel your body for the rest of the afternoon. Cheers to you and your commitment to being a positive force for good in your own life. As springtime reminds us that a new cycle of life begins.

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