Tico Time Resort Tones Down Music; Neighbors' Ire Abated


We took a deep dive and looked at the naked truth behind the infamous Tico Time River RV Resort. What we discovered was that the noise and nudity complaints have abated—along with many changes. Now in its third season, the relaxed beach vibe is finally clicking for campers and neighbors alike. Donna K. Hewett. This story is sponsored by Three Rivers Brewing and The Big Idea Makerspace

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Tico Time, the name of an infamous RV river resort, located 25 miles north of Farmington refers to Costa Rica's punctuality or the lack thereof. It denotes the different beat of island time, time well spent away in a place that refreshes the spirit and cleanses the soul. Last summer, though, dozens of Tico Time neighbors found that the intoxicating time retarding charms of island life was anything but. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by Three Rivers Brewing and The Big Idea at San Juan College. I'm Hayley Opsal. Now in its third season, Tico Time's noise and nudity complaints have abated and the relaxing beach vibes the owner intended are finally clicking for both sides. Robert Holmes, owner of Tico Time River Resort, said he went from 120 noise complaints last year to zero so far this season.

We haven't had the cops called once this year, so we're very proud of that. Well, the main thing last year was that we had a EDM festival and these humongous speakers were brought in and we had music or noise complaints from five miles away. It was so incredibly loud in that it just, well, just say it made the neighbors very mad from a long ways away, lots and lots of neighbors. So, I feel like they were under the impression that that was what was going to end up happening here all the time.

He mitigated the noise problem by getting rid of the ginormous speakers, a music producer dragged in, limiting the amount of music played, ending the late night, early morning concerts, and put a stop to firework shows together. And like the good neighbor he has become, Holmes also built sound barriers around the large stage.

And then putting these walls. This before had no walls last year. So, we built these walls to try to keep the noise from going to the south. And I know it's made a big difference because last year and this year one of my things is I drive around to the neighbor's houses with my cell phone or a radio and talk to the people that are here and say "Hey, it is too loud or I don't know it's okay." So, seems like it's a acceptable level of noise. You can just barely hear it.

Meantime, happy campers can float the Animas River or paddle board on one of three sandy ponds. There's a volleyball court, water slide, and a 60 foot adventure tower from which you can free fall, Tarzan swing or enjoy a zipline tour. Did we mention a huge dog park and the 18 hole disc golf course? While thousands attend the weekend's music festivals, Holmes' school was always to open a fun RV park slash resort for day cruisers and long haulers

Yeah, lots of different ways to come experience Tico Time. So, you could just come down for the day on a day pass. There's tent camping, car camping, no hookup RV sites, full hookup RV sites. People also come for tours. We do river trips, mostly tubing, 'cause it's kind of fast moving, but no rapids. It's like perfect for family friendly tubing, things like that.

The Four Corners Jam Festival will be held from August 4th through the 6th with live music, performing arts and yoga. Dogs are allowed on a leash. Liquor is sanctioned, but limited, hamburgers and hot dogs will be available. For tickets, go to fourcornersjamfest.com. Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Hayley Opsal.


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