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The pandemic changed the world of work irrevocably, and that's what the 2021 Economic Summit will address on Sept. 21. Find out who the speakers will be. Sponsored by Durango Party Rental and Tafoya Barrett & Associates

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Employers can't fill job vacancies. Employees don't want to return to the office. Other can't wait to get back to the water cooler to socialize. Given that kind of diversity and expectations, what will the post-pandemic workplace look like? You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Durango Party Rental and Tafoya Barrett and Associates. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Rehumanizing work will be theme of the 2021 Economic Summit, which returns on Tuesday, September 21, after a pandemic-induced hiatus last year. The annual summit is presented by La Plata County Economic Development Alliance. Just as the pandemic changed all our lives, it also changed the workplace and the world of work; a topic the summit will tackle with keynote speakers and breakout sessions all day at the Sky Ute Casino Event Center.

In this ever-changing landscape of employment today, where you have some people who prefer to work at home and some people who prefer to work in the office and some people who prefer to just have that human connection. So how are businesses now navigating this landscape to be able to keep their employees happy? Because a lot of employees have realized that they kind of like just working from home and they seem to be productive. Although others are not that way. So how do you balance out your employee staff, keeping your culture, keeping your drive for determination of getting the project completed and in the continuity within your team when they're not all in the same room?

Among the notable keynote speakers will be Steve Catigan, who expanded the online professional networking site, LinkedIn, by more than tenfold in three and a half years. He'll address the future of work. Cory Richards, a longtime photographer for National Geographic will talk about his world travels, how they impacted him and informed his leadership style. Lunch will feature a panel discussion with StoneAge Tools CEO, Kerry Siggins; La Plata Electric Association CEO, Jessica Matlock; and Meredith Mapel, President and CEO of Durango Coca-Cola. They'll discuss how they're adapting in their organizations to the post-COVID world of work. Economic Alliance Executive Director, Michael French says the summit offers an unparalleled opportunity to meet and network with some of the most creative minds and forward thinking entrepreneurs in the country.

Yeah, The Economic Summit is really a compelling event to bring all of these incredible leaders together, and they community has just a vast amount of entrepreneurs and incredible business leaders that this is the one time in the year that we're able to bring everybody together, share ideas, and really figure out how we move forward as a community. To register for the summit and to see a schedule of events, visit the Economic Development Alliance's website at Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network and look for our booth at the summit. We all look forward to seeing you there. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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