Summer Parking Meter Rates Rise

July 5, 2023

The City of Durango has announced that parking meters in high-occupancy areas downtown will see a 25¢ price increase as of July 1st, in accordance with the comprehensive parking plan. Colorado Parks and Wildlife invites amateur sportswomen to apply for the Ladies Cast, Blast, and Fling event this August, and participate in a survey to determine the “livability” of Durango this July. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Sky Ute Casino and Kroeger’s Ace Hardware

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If you're looking for a spot closest to your favorite downtown store this month, you might want to be prepared to shell out an extra quarter or walk a bit further with temporary meter rate rises. Check your mailbox for a postcard inviting you to take part in the annual city-wide "livability" study. And if you're an aspiring sportswoman, Colorado Parks and Wildlife are offering a three day novice sportswoman introductory course in Norwood. You're watching the "Local News Roundup," brought to you by Sky Ute Casino and Kroeger's Ace Hardware. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Beginning this past weekend, parking meters on high occupancy blocks have increased rates of one quarter. The rates, only applicable for blocks with an average of 80% occupancy, are part of the rate rises outlined in the approved Comprehensive Parking Meter Plan with the goal to redistribute cars from high demand spaces downtown. A higher parking turnover benefits downtown businesses and encourages a more equitable distribution of parking across the city's downtown parking areas. The city is encouraging residents to utilize the free parking west of Narrow Gauge on 7th, 8th, and 9th Streets, as well as the free summer transit program both of which are available through the end of August. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hosting three days of archery, fly fishing and shooting education for novice sportswoman later this month at the Jim Olterman Lone Cone State Wildlife Area in Norwood. The ladies Cast, Blast and Fling workshop is scheduled from July 28th to 30th, but only 25 participants will be selected and applications must be submitted by July 14th. Women with little to no experience are welcome, but it's requested that applicants have interest in all three sports. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will provide all gear and food, but participants need to be prepared to supply their own tent and sleeping bag. The event is free, but a $40 deposit is required with your application. Contact District Wildlife Manager, Kelly Crane, for more information. Postcards have been sent out to 3000 randomly selected households as part of the city of Durango's inaugural Benchmark Survey to better determine residents perceptions of quality of life in Durango. The postcards offer the option to fill out a survey online or on paper with a variety of questions regarding city and community issues, including the overall livability of the city. The city has never sent benchmarks before so the survey will enable the council to set policies to be carried out to address any issues, needs and wants as outlined in the the survey. An open survey for anyone who did not receive a postcard, but still wishes to participate, will begin online July 25th. All responses both for the postcard, selected households and the open survey are due by midnight August 8th. Learn more about these and other stories online @ Thank you for watching this edition of the "Local News Roundup." I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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