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On Friday, October 8th, the 16th annual Style and Stones event to benefit the Cancer Coalition of Southwest Colorado will host local artists. Come enjoy local, hand-made jewelry and help support a local non-profit through donations and purchases. Featuring interviews with Carol McGuire, Jama Crawford, and Nancy Frederick Conrad. By Hannah Robertson

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Looking for a way to get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping while donating to a local organization? Check out the Style and Stones Show benefiting the Southwest Cancer Coalition on October 8th. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by 2180 Lighting & Design Studio and Tafoya Barrett and Associates. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. The 16th annual Style and Stones Show begins at noon on October 8th, with a full showcase of local artists and handmade jewelry. This will be the fifth year that Style and Stones has partnered with the Southwest Cancer Coalition to provide financial support to individuals and families who are dealing with cancer diagnosis.

The Cancer Coalition has been around in Durango for 25 years. The name has evolved over the years with changes, from starting out as the Breast Health Task Force to the Women's Health Coalition. And after we started helping men and women, it became the Health Coalition, and then we said it like it really is. We're helping people with cancer. So we're now the Cancer Coalition of Southwest Colorado. And we have been that for about nine or 10 years. But what we do, we help people financially primarily, and it's while they're in cancer treatment. And we go up to a $500 grant for non-medical expenses. This can help pay for rent, utilities, car repair. But we also give out gas cards, and that is critical. And that's to help people get to and from their treatment.

The event features local jewelry artists who use a variety of media to create everything from pendants and necklaces to earrings and more.

When you walk in, you will see six to 10 tables of jewelers who are displaying their wares. The artists are all making handmade goods. This year I think we're going to have some photography, and maybe some other art disciplines, because these women are all artists and they do other things. So jewelry is just one of their passions. And then there will also be food service, beverage service. There's probably a little Prosecco involved. And people who come in just get this opportunity to shop from various local artists, a lot of local inspired art objects.

Styles and Stones aren't the only volunteers to support the Cancer Coalition. Gem and Mineral Club members polish worry stones that they give along with a verse to those battling cancer. The stones are smooth and can fit in a pocket. And when they're rubbed or held can help settle the stress and anxiety of dealing with cancer. While the stones are not for sale, there are still lots of options for jewelry that will be available for purchase at the event.

Oh, well we have a great variety of people this year. So there are people that do enamels. There's people that do a lot with turquoise. There's a lot of fine jewelers that work with stones and different types of stringing, different materials. We have some very interesting beadwork with patterns using very minute called Delica beads.

The Cancer Coalition will use show proceeds to provide grants and gas cards to clients to reduce the financial burden of cancer treatments.

I wish I had all the thank you notes that came back from cancer, people with cancer. They are so grateful when they get these grants. And we're very grateful to the Style and Stones ladies who make all the jewelry that provides the funds for these people to be able to get these grants. But the thank you notes we get, they're near and dear to my heart. Once again, Styles and Stones will be from noon to 6:00 PM on Friday, October 8th, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in Durango. Stop by for food, drinks, local art, and meet some of the volunteers. For more information, contact Nancy Conrad at Thanks for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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