Pavement Treatments and Road Planning Ahead

August 4, 2023

The City of Durango reviewed bids for the County Road 250 and County Road 241 improvement project at the latest City Council meeting. Pavement treatment projects are underway across town - make sure to plan your trip accordingly and be prepared for possibly delays and roadwork. And the Durango Adult Education Center would like to invite you to join its annual Literacy Luncheon fundraiser and celebrate the past year’s achievements. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Serious Texas BBQ and Kroegers Ace Hardware

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Various road work and improvements across Durango are in progress, from road service improvements to progress on the County Road 250 and 251 improvement project. Come celebrate with the Adult Education Center at the Ninth Annual Literacy Luncheon fundraiser this September. You are watching "The Local News Roundup," brought to you by Serious Texas Barbecue and Kroegers Ace Hardware. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. At the July 25th city council meeting, the city reviewed bids for the County Road 250, East 32nd Street, and County Road 251 improvement project. The proposed project, which begins at Holly Avenue, and extends to the intersection of County Road 250 and Metz Lane is meant to address the high use of the roads and multimodal improvements. The city plans to create a corridor to provide greater traffic safety, aesthetics, and accommodations for pedestrians, bikes, and other forms of multimodal traffic. The proposed traffic design will keep single lanes of traffic in each direction, add dedicated bike lanes, a shared use path next to the road, a landscape median, and other landscaping improvements and streetlight installations. Two proposed bids were presented at the meeting, the lowest of which was $8.8 million. The city and county will split the cost of the work. Pavement treatment projects along Wilson Gulch Drive, East 4th Avenue, and East 3rd Avenue begin August 1st. The projects, also known as Open Grade Friction Course, will rejuvenate old asphalt, create a new riding surface, reduce noise mode, and eliminate wheel ruts. Along Wilson Gulch, projects will include the full width of all lanes, from East Owen Road to Confluence Avenue. On East 4th Avenue, the project will include the full width of all lanes, from 2nd through 5th Street, and will include a DA ramp replacement. The East 3rd Street Project will include the full width of all lanes from 3rd to 8th Avenue, and also includes a DA ramp replacement. Weather permitting, work is expected to last through October 27th. Additionally, planned alley projects between 5th and 6th Avenue also began August 1st, and are expected to continue until September 29th. Come join the Durango Adult Education Center to celebrate donors and students at the 9th annual Literacy Luncheon. The center's largest fundraiser boasts a three-course meal at the DoubleTree Hotel, speeches and announcements from staff and current and former students, and a place to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. The fundraiser is free to attend, but donations are always welcome. RSVP by September 12th for the September 26th event. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of "The Local News Roundup." I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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