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January 31, 2024

Durango’s High Noon Rotary has announced its 2024 scholarship application is now open, with scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 available for both academic and vocational pathways. A new platform has launched to connect students with work placement opportunities. Sponsored by the Southwest Colorado Education Collaborative, the new Career Launch Southwest platform is looking for businesses and organizations to add to its postings! And join in with the conversations for events for the sesquisemiquincentennial commemoration - yes, that is a real word - with the America 250 - Colorado 150 Commission. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Happy Pappy’s Pizza & Wings and Sky Ute Casino.

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New opportunities are opening daily for regional high school and college students between scholarships and a new platform called Career Launch Southwest, built to connect students with local industry. Although 2026 is still a couple of years off, the planning for twin commemorations of the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the 150th anniversary of Colorado Statehood is already underway with the America 250 - Colorado 150 Commission. You're watching "The Local News Roundup," brought to you by Happy Papp's Pizza and Wings and Sky Ute Casino, I'm Connor Shreve. The Durango High Noon Rotary Club has opened its 2024 scholarship application. Approximately $30,000 in scholarships are available in amounts ranging from 1000 to $3,000. There are specific scholarships available for students pursuing a vocational or technical school pathway, ranging in amounts from 500 to $2,000, and a $2,000 paramedic scholarship for a Colorado state approved paramedic program. Find eligibility information and the application on the High Noon Rotary Club's website or from your high school counselor or college advisor. Applications are due March 31st. Career Launch Southwest, a new program sponsored by the Southwest Colorado Education Collaborative is a virtual tool designed to connect industry partners with interested students for work placements. The program is a platform for local businesses and organizations to post work-based learning opportunities, and for area students to find opportunities within fields of interest. The platform's goal is to grow, invest, and develop tomorrow's workforce. The Southwest Colorado Education Collaborative started in 2019 with the Archuleta, Bayfield, Durango, Ignacio and Silverton School Districts, and Fort Lewis College and Pueblo Community College partnering to expand opportunities in the region. Its focus is to strengthen and expand college and career pathways and develop new ones for the region's students. In 2026, the US will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And at the same time, Colorado will mark the 150th anniversary of its statehood, the America 250 - Colorado 150 Commission was developed to guide the planning for the twin commemorations, including community events, historic preservation, educational opportunities, and more. To that end, local organizing committees have been set up across the state to set up and coordinate activities. On February 7th at four, The Mountains and Mesas Region's South-End Local Organizing Committees host a planning meeting at the La Plata County Exhibit Hall. Individuals and organizations are invited to attend the meeting to learn more about proposed activities and events. For the word nerds out there, the word for 250 years is semi-quin-centennial. The word for 150 years is sesquicentennial. Combine the two and you get ses-qui-semi-quin-centennial. Don't worry, you'll have about two years to practice it. Learn more about these and other stories online at durangolocal.news. Thanks for watching this edition of "The Local News Roundup," I'm Connor SHREVE.


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