News Roundup: Winter Travel, Spruce Tree House, & More


We touch on a new CDOT mobile app, plans to stabilize Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde, how to earn cash rewards by shopping local, and more. Sponsored by Downs, McDonough, Cowan & Foley, LLC and Kroeger’s Ace Hardware

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You're watching the Durango Local News Roundup, I'm Wendy Graham Settle. The Colorado Department of Transportation has launched a new, easier to use website, featuring a new roadmap with road conditions. You can also now download a COtrip Planner mobile app that provides statewide, real-time traffic information that works with iOS and Android platforms. Both the website and mobile app provide links to real-time cameras to see what road conditions are like. If you do plan to drive during adverse weather conditions, CDOT recommends that you pack a winterized emergency vehicle kit. Plan your route in advance, and let someone know where you'll be driving and your estimated time of arrival. Check your tires, make sure the air pressure is correct for all your tires, and that you have at least 3 1/16th inch tread. Drive for the conditions, don't drive faster than you can see ahead, and turn on your headlights. If you get stuck in a serious storm, do not leave your vehicle. For more travel tips, visit Get rewarded for shopping local this holiday season. Spend more than $25 at a local business, and you'll earn a gift card from a local business. Spend a hundred dollars and earn a $25 gift card. Spend $300 and earn a $50 gift card. Spend $500 and earn a $100 gift card. The Holiday Rewards Program is sponsored by the Durango Business District, the Durango Chamber of Commerce, the Bank of Colorado, and Morehart Murphy Chevrolet. Visit for eligible businesses and contest rules. Promotion ends December 19th. The City of Durango's adopted 2022 budget may now be viewed through its new Financial Transparency Portal on its website. The city is expected to spend a total of about $48 million next year, an increase of about $3 million over 2021. It's also expected to collect revenues of about 48 million in taxes and use fees, among other sources, an increase of nearly 5 million over the previous year. For more information, visit The Hive Heartwarming Soup Sale is back this winter with the support from the Soup Palette, In The Weeds, Lola's Place, and local chefs. Quarts of soup will be available for a $10 minimum donation every other Thursday from 5 to 6:30 PM at Lola's Place, formerly the Dandelion Cafe. 100% of the proceeds are used to support local families with financial assistance for rent, utilities, or other expenses. The next soup sale will be on Thursday, December 23rd. Visit the Hive's Facebook page at HiveDGO. The National Park Service has initiated a 30-day comment period to plan for a major stabilization project at the Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde National Park. The Spruce Tree House, located below the park's museum, was closed after a rockfall occurred from the front sandstone arch. The public is encouraged to share observations, concerns, and ideas, to scope out the range of issues and environmental concerns that should be addressed during the planning stages and subsequent environmental assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act. To make comments and learn more, visit Thanks for watching the Local News Roundup. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. See more of our stories at


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