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Durango-based non-profit, The Hive, has a new space on Main Avenue where it will host youth to engage them in art, music and skateboarding activities. Filmed and edited by Tucker Cocchiarella. Sponsored by Durango Party Rental and San Juan Basin Public Health.

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The Hive, a community-based nonprofit here in Durango, is moving into a new space.

We're really excited to be moving into 1150 Main. There's always been a need for an indoor skate park for mainly winter, but also just the opportunity to have other kind of features. But also it's going to be an art space and a community center. So this space is really exciting because it has multiple offices and we're sharing it with two other nonprofits, Oak Tree Resources and In The Weeds. And we consider ourselves a community hub. So we really want to collaborate, as we call it, cross-pollinate, with other organizations to make sure that we're filling in the gaps with all the services in Durango. So the vision is to have an open space for youth mainly but all community members to come and explore passions and receive services from the multiple programs we'll be running here. So The Hive will be offering after-school programs, summer programs, which include inside and outside. So a lot of art workshops, life skills workshops. We're going to have a stage, so we'll have live music all the time.

A good example of The Hive fulfilling their mission is when the group Women on Wheels asked for their support in organizing a skateboarding event to empower women to enjoy the skate park.

We are three things that I think are different from other agencies. We are low fee for one but we also have youth-led art workshops. And again, we ask the youth what they want to do. We're also a community hub. So we try to keep all of our art programs open to any age. This year, having remote learning support gave us opportunity to introduce The Hive space to families and families are able to call us and just say, Hey, we need this at this time of the week. And we're very flexible and open. So if people want to volunteer or be an art director or any kind of member of The Hive they can visit the And there's a volunteer page called Get Involved.


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