Montezuma Rising Music Festival to Feature Local Non-Profits

May 21, 2024

Montezuma Rising is a community music festival in the heart of downtown Mancos featuring the bands Desert Child, Ora, Desiderata, Le Trebuchet, Proud Mother and Influsense. The El Rio Cantina will host the after-party featuring DJ BADGOAT. The fest will also spotlight local non-profits and community organizations doing great things for Montezuma County, and is spearheaded by Fenceline Cider. By Connor Shreve. This story is sponsored by TruWest Auto and Blondie’s Trophy Room.

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The upcoming Montezuma Rising Music Festival features local music and spotlights area nonprofits. You are watching the "Local NEWS Network," brought to you by TruWest Auto and Blondie's Trophy Room. I'm Connor Shreve. Fenceline Ciders in Mancos is set to play host to the music festival, which taproom manager Jordan Lang says stemmed from an inspiration to celebrate the community.

Zac Carr, he's the bass player for Desert Child, a band out of Durango, has been doing all of the organizing. He just wanted to do something special to the community. Like, he wanted to give back to Mancos, like, with a thank you by throwing this festival

Lang says the event evolved from when the idea was first pitched back in January.

We got to this point where we're just going to do it for one day on May 26th, it's a Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. here at Fenceline. And then to try to, like, give it some more depth than just, like, you know, like, six bands playing. We linked up with the Creative District, Chelsea Lunders, who is the executive director, about linking in with different nonprofits in this community.

The May 26th party marks an unofficial start to the summer season for Fenceline, and attendees will be able to sip the cidery's summer spirit, Tesguino, a tamarind agave addition to the cidery's offerings.

I find the combination of the two balance each other out really well, and it's a good way to kind of express some of the cultural heritage that Mancos is a part of a little bit, you know, touching into that Southwest. And it's just a good cider. It's well balanced. It's off-dry.

Lang and other organizers say that as a celebration of Montezuma County, the event needed to showcase those who are working for the community, so attendees will be able to meet the non-profits in the Fenceline cellar to learn about how they serve the area and how you can get involved.

You know, getting volunteers, that's like a really big barrier for people for nonprofits in these small towns, especially a place like Mancos that has upwards of, like, 40 different nonprofits with the vision of serving this community, which is amazing, and we're so grateful and lucky that Mancos has that strong heart.

The festival features six bands from noon to 10:00 p.m. at the Fenceline Ciders Taproom in Mancos. The cantina will host an after-party with DJ Bad Goat. Tickets are $30, and proceeds benefit the Mancos Grange. Learn more about this and other stories at Thanks for watching this edition of the "Local NEWS Network." I'm Connor Shreve.


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