Manna, Garden Project Merge Food Efforts


Manna and the Garden Project of Southwest Colorado both have a commitment to food security. The two non-profits have decided to merge to make the most of limited community resources.

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100:00:00,470 --> 00:00:03,790- In a rare occurrence inthe local nonprofit world,200:00:03,790 --> 00:00:06,250The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado300:00:06,250 --> 00:00:10,850has merged with Manna toprovide garden-to-table access400:00:10,850 --> 00:00:14,100to nutritious food for those in need.500:00:14,100 --> 00:00:15,930You're watching the Local News Network.600:00:15,930 --> 00:00:17,680I'm Wendy Graham Settle.700:00:17,680 --> 00:00:20,160Manna will now manage The Garden Project800:00:20,160 --> 00:00:22,840as part of its mission to provide meals900:00:22,840 --> 00:00:26,410and locally grown food tofood-insecure residents.1000:00:26,410 --> 00:00:30,087The two nonprofits announcedthe merger in late June.1100:00:30,087 --> 00:00:32,810"Although the two organizationshave planned the merger1200:00:32,810 --> 00:00:35,160prior to the coronavirus outbreak,1300:00:35,160 --> 00:00:38,010the economic strain thatthe pandemic has inflicted1400:00:38,010 --> 00:00:40,730on nonprofits and community resources1500:00:40,730 --> 00:00:43,480has made the mergerall the more critical,"1600:00:43,480 --> 00:00:46,253says officials with both organizations.1700:00:48,060 --> 00:00:50,560- Both organizations are1800:00:50,560 --> 00:00:53,870trying to help thosethat are food-insecure.1900:00:53,870 --> 00:00:57,430Everything from educating,to growing food,2000:00:57,430 --> 00:01:00,900to helping distribute thefood to those in need.2100:01:00,900 --> 00:01:03,950And so, this just comes at a perfect time2200:01:03,950 --> 00:01:07,090when there's just so manynonprofits in our area,2300:01:07,090 --> 00:01:08,770and the resources2400:01:09,630 --> 00:01:12,710are just getting tighter each year.2500:01:12,710 --> 00:01:15,910And so, by workingtogether, and partnering,2600:01:15,910 --> 00:01:19,260and merging into one organization,2700:01:19,260 --> 00:01:22,270we feel that it's not only,2800:01:22,270 --> 00:01:24,310it's not only better for us2900:01:25,830 --> 00:01:26,663to3000:01:27,520 --> 00:01:28,870create3100:01:28,870 --> 00:01:31,810programming that's gonnahelp the community,3200:01:31,810 --> 00:01:35,993but also help the communitywith being able to3300:01:35,993 --> 00:01:40,290filter resources, becauseit'll be less organizations,3400:01:40,290 --> 00:01:45,270and we'll be able to makea more impactful results.3500:01:45,270 --> 00:01:48,400- The Garden Projectwas established in 19983600:01:48,400 --> 00:01:51,830to serve at-risk youththrough horticulture therapy.3700:01:51,830 --> 00:01:55,080Its mission grew to includefood security education,3800:01:55,080 --> 00:01:57,800support for 22 communityand school gardens,3900:01:57,800 --> 00:02:00,250and greater access to locally grown food4000:02:00,250 --> 00:02:03,240for food-insecureindividuals and families.4100:02:03,240 --> 00:02:05,900The Garden Project helped toestablish the Manna garden4200:02:05,900 --> 00:02:08,070that supplies produce prepared4300:02:08,070 --> 00:02:10,470as part of Manna's daily meal program.4400:02:10,470 --> 00:02:13,960And that also was distributedto families who needed food4500:02:13,960 --> 00:02:18,060during its Manna MarketGiveaways on Wednesday evenings.4600:02:18,060 --> 00:02:20,310Manna has had to suspendits market program4700:02:20,310 --> 00:02:23,300because of the pandemic,but it will continue4800:02:23,300 --> 00:02:25,220to coordinate free food distribution4900:02:25,220 --> 00:02:27,060from private and community gardens,5000:02:27,060 --> 00:02:30,270and local farmers, to 50families and individuals5100:02:30,270 --> 00:02:33,430who have signed up forproduce this summer.5200:02:33,430 --> 00:02:36,210- It's some food from the Manna garden.5300:02:36,210 --> 00:02:38,740It's also food that's gonna be gleaned5400:02:38,740 --> 00:02:40,290by The Good Food Collective,5500:02:40,290 --> 00:02:41,680and then the rest of the food5600:02:41,680 --> 00:02:45,150we're actually purchasingfrom the local farmers.5700:02:45,150 --> 00:02:48,020So we're trying to helpwith the food system,5800:02:48,020 --> 00:02:51,320and actually give back tomake sure our local farmers5900:02:51,320 --> 00:02:54,480have enough funds to continue doing6000:02:54,480 --> 00:02:56,193all the amazing work they do.6100:02:57,840 --> 00:02:59,360- Manna will continue to support6200:02:59,360 --> 00:03:01,470school gardens with the volunteers,6300:03:01,470 --> 00:03:04,430will coordinate schoolfood security education,6400:03:04,430 --> 00:03:06,490and will provide job skills training6500:03:06,490 --> 00:03:09,080through gardening andit's cooking classes.6600:03:09,080 --> 00:03:11,810The Garden Project Board ofDirectors has been dissolved,6700:03:11,810 --> 00:03:15,610with several board membersjoining Manna's garden committee.6800:03:15,610 --> 00:03:17,530Garden Project and AmeriCorps staff6900:03:17,530 --> 00:03:19,890now are employed at Manna.7000:03:19,890 --> 00:03:21,390If you'd like to support Manna's7100:03:21,390 --> 00:03:23,700newly acquired gardening program,7200:03:23,700 --> 00:03:28,700visit,860 --> 00:03:30,330Thanks for watching this edition7400:03:30,330 --> 00:03:31,700of the Local News Network.7500:03:31,700 --> 00:03:32,913I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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