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The Durango Art Market, put on by the Creative Arts District of Durango, is hoping to help highlight local artists. Find the booths every Sunday from 10 - 2 at 11th Street Station for locally made jewlery, paintings, t-shirts, and more! By Hannah Robertson

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The Durango Creative District hopes a new arts market will become a business incubator for artists. You're watching the Local News Network brought to you by FASTSIGNS of Durango and Durango Party Rental.

A Durango Creative District formed officially in December of 2019. That's when we got certified under the state, and this was kind of the perfect way to support local artists, support local business through 11th Street Station and work with our projects and place-making committee to let Durango know we have a creative district and, you know, find something to do on a sleepy Sunday. We had over 50 applicants and we were hard pressed to choose which ones got to display, but we tried to incorporate all of them. And for next year, you know, we are going to hopefully do this again and deliberate with 11th Street Station and see if we could do it again next year. We did a survey earlier last year where artists over 82% reported having lost income due to COVID. So this was a solution for what was going on and, you know, canceled contracts with artists. And we want to do everything we can to bolster the creative community, so this was the perfect fit.

Some of the barriers that some of our artists faced to participate in the art market. So the, in the beginning we required insurance to cover their artwork and make sure like none of their products were broken or harmed during the process, or like during the markets. So that was a major barrier. We had to just reinform our waiver, just so we can protect our organization and also themselves. And so we also had to, another barrier that some artists faces obtaining a business license, and so that continues to be a little bit of a struggle, but I'm working with the artists themselves to be able to get them their spot and make sure that it's secured but also make sure that they have their required documents in.

There's been quite, I've missed, missed a couple, but when, you know, when like last Sunday, I was here, it's a lot different and I like it because it's a variety. And I actually thought when I was going to come, you know, help out this morning, I was like, oh, maybe I could look at the artists that was there last week, but they're not here today, but it's a different one, but it's quite a lot, quite a lot, and it's a variety. This is a great place to find gifts. All artists we do a lot of things that are similar, but they're very unique, so they're not all the same. They may be that same object, but they're very unique and they can showcase their design on, you know, what they want.

It's a really great atmosphere to come down on a Sunday, get a cup of coffee or a bloody Mary from the bar. They have excellent burritos here and just hang out. You know, we're here from 10 to two and we have live music starting at 12 and that's different every week. So it's just a great thing to come out and support local artists and meet people. Well, our creative district is doing everything we can to support the creative community. You know, we're working with city council on the new increase lodgers tax that will, a portion of it will go to arts and culture. So there's some exciting things happening on that front.

I was born here in Durango and raised in Nashville, but I want to bring that community back with the Southern Tribe, in Nashville and Durango together again and this is, this is to me is a start to not just showcase the local artists, but also showcase the native ones as well that live locally here. I just want to see everyone to come here. You know, I don't just want to see the tourist here, I want to see our local people here. Not just, I'm not talking about just Durango, I'm talking about, you know, we live in the four corners, you know, I would like to see more showcasing of, and guests come and visit and just see what's here. Yeah, so just getting the word out and come on down, come over. Plus like Haley said, there's good burritos here.


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