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as of noon, Aug 4 -New LaPlata Community Testing Site, Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, in the Durango Public Library overflow parking lot, sjbpublichealth.org
9R School District updates: July 30: examine state recommendations for conditions of reopening schools...Zoom meetings August 5 (Durango 9-R staff) and August 6 & 7 (Community) to share the reopening...August 10, parents choose the final model of learning for their student, durangoschools.org
Southwest Colorado confirmed COVID-19 cases by county: La Plata (200 resident, 18 non-resident), Archuleta (36 resident, 31 non-resident), Montezuma (109), Dolores (1), San Juan (2). Deaths due to Covid: Montezuma (2), Deaths among cases: LaPlata (2), Montezuma (1), sjbpublichealth.org, montezumacounty.org
Colorado COVID-19 totals: 47,968 cases, 6,487 hospitalized, 1,844 deaths among cases, 1,710 deaths due to COVID-19, 548,808 tested, 483 outbreaks, colorado.gov

Two long-time falconers want to share their love of birds of prey while educating the public about disappearing habitat for raptors during a demonstration and show at the Fairgrounds.

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