La Plata County Fairgrounds

March 26, 2024

A look inside the La Plata County Fairgrounds, a historic hub of community events and engagement in Durango, Colorado. Learn about the array of activities offered, from rodeos and 4-H fairs to educational programs facilitated by Colorado State University Extension. Discover the fairgrounds' commitment to affordability and accessibility, making it the perfect venue for all types of gatherings. By Sadie Smith. This story is sponsored by Alpine Bank.

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Hi, I'm Eric Eicher, Employee Owner and President of Alpine Bank Durango. At Alpine Bank, we believe in the power of community and connecting you with the resources you need to work, live, and play in our community. I hope you enjoy this edition of "Community Insights."

Near the historic downtown of Durango, Colorado, lies a cherished landmark that has been a cornerstone of community gatherings for over a century, the La Plata County Fairgrounds. From exhilarating rodeos under night skies to bustling gem and mineral shows and motorcycle rallies, this vibrant hub has woven itself into the fabric of local life, offering an array of events that celebrate tradition, youth, and rural Southwestern lifestyle.

Plata County Fairgrounds has been in the North Main District of Durango, Colorado since 1917. We have two ball fields on the property as well as an exhibit hall, a rodeo arena, a horse exercising pavilion, a picnic pavilion, and, of course, our indoor meeting space, the exhibit hall, and our indoor extension building.

The La Plata County Fairgrounds hosts a calendar of events throughout the year, catering to both locals and visitors alike. Rodeo enthusiasts gather at the fairgrounds for the thrilling True West Rodeo Series held every Wednesday night throughout the summer, as well as the highly anticipated annual Fiesta Days Rodeo. These events captivate participants and spectators alike, attracting visitors from all over the Four Corners area. One of the most popular events is the 4-H County Fair held each August boasting 75 years of family fun with carnival rides, fair food, and livestock exhibits.

The main focus of our La Plata County Fair certainly are all of the kids in 4-H, and 4-H is put on by Colorado State University, and our 4-H agent here has over 250 kids in La Plata County that are part of the 4-H Program. So 4-H really teaches kids with project-based learning really. Before project-based learning was cool, 4-H has been doing it for years, and most folks identify that with livestock, but certainly it can be anything from leather works to cake decorating.

Our youth get to learn how to do public speaking. They learn leadership skills. They learn how to communicate with all age groups, so, not only their peers, but also people older than them. They get to learn about finances and how to budget for different things that they want to do.

The La Plata County 4-H Program, administered by the Colorado State University Extension Office, highlights the La Plata County Fairgrounds' essential role in community, education, and outreach. By partnering with the extension office, the fairgrounds facilitate direct access to valuable educational opportunities provided by Colorado State University.

Within our extension building here on the fairgrounds, we house the Colorado State University Extension Office, and, really, all that means is that the university wants to extend itself into our community. So, of course, we have the 4-H program, which, as I said earlier, serves over 250 kids in La Plata County with project-based learning. It's a wonderful program.

The fairgrounds serve as a hub for learning and engagement, aiding in the Fairgrounds' central mission of education and the community engagement. However, these spaces are available for the general public as well. As a nonprofit, the La Plata Fairgrounds strives for affordability. Whether you're seeking an RV hookup conveniently situated close to downtown, a stall for your horse, or an indoor space for your event, the fairgrounds offer budget-friendly options.

We're run by La Plata County, so our pricing is so affordable. We're not trying to compete with any for-profit entity. We want to support our for-profit partners as much as possible, but if you're a family, and you want to have a birthday party or use our courtyard for a wedding or have a social event or a nonprofit event, we have pricing for that.

Discover the perfect venue for your next event or a fantastic family outing at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. Stay updated on all the exciting happenings by visiting their website where you'll find a full calendar of events to enjoy. We're proud to present "Community Insights" powered by the Local News Network and sponsored by Alpine Bank. With "Community Insights," our mission is to foster a stronger and more connected community in La Plata County and beyond. For more information about this and other stories, visit Thank you for watching this edition of "Community Insights." I'm Sadie Smith.


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