June LPEA Wire: How to save $$$ with LPEA


In this edition of #LPEAwire, we explain how you can save money on your LPEA bill by switching to the Time-of-Use rate. We also celebrate the seven local high school seniors awarded LPEA scholarships this year. Sponsored by La Plata Electric Association

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Hi, I'm Hillary Knox, VP of member experience at LaPlata Electric Association. And this is your LPEA Wire for June. If you're looking for ways to save money, I recommend you check out LPEA's time of use rate. Most LPEA members would save money on their electric bill by switching to this opt-in rate, which charges different prices for your electricity at different times of the day. With more on how LPEA's time of use rate works, here's Dan Harms, VP of grid solutions at LPEA.

Simply put, the time of use program as a way for you to save money by paying attention to when you use your electricity. Did you know that LaPlata Electric pays different amounts for the electricity we deliver to you at different times? It's true. LPEA pays more for the electricity at times of high demand. If we can spread out when we use our electricity, we can lower the peak charges. LPEA's time of use rate provides an incentive to members to use electricity during off-peak times, through special off-peak rates. Our off-peak rates are in the middle of the day, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and during night from 10:00 PM back around to 6:00 AM. On top of that, all day Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all off-peak. All this means 70% of the hours in the week are off-peak. There are items you can control without making any major lifestyle changes, and you can save big money by adding timers to things like your water heater, or by doing your laundry during the off-peak times.

Thanks Dan, more than 4,000 LPEA members are already saving big on time of use rates. To get a personalized rate comparison, call us today. Lastly, on behalf of LPEA, I'd like to extend a big congratulations to the recipients of our 2021 scholarships. These seven local high school seniors rose to the top of 81 applicants to receive funding to further their education. Congratulations to Trevor Harms from Animas High School, Caitlyn Chapman from Ignacio High School, Guy Wright from Bayfield High School, Zack McSweeney from Bayfield High School, Kylie Keuning from Pagosa Springs High School, Taylor Schermer from Animas High School, and Jacob Genauldi from Durango High School. The application period for the next round of scholarships will open early next year. And that's it for this June edition of LPEA Wire. See you next month, with more from LPEA.


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