It Takes a Community to Win a National Award

All Coloradans should wear non-medical masks when outside their home,
If you have COVID-19 signs, complete the anonymous survey for the tracker,
Colorado stay-at-home order extended to April 26,
Southwest Colorado confirmed COVID-19 cases by county: La Plata (37), Archuleta (6), Montezuma (8), Dolores (0), San Juan (0). 1 death in Montezuma,,
April 9th - Colorado COVID-19 totals (as of 4/7, 4 pm): 5,655 cases, 193 deaths (first person in their 20s), 1,162 hospitalized, 29,199 tested, 44 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities,

Durango High School shop teacher Shaun Smith knows how to recruit volunteer professionals from the local construction industry to work with students in his classes. His ability to build a professional network for his students is one of the reasons he was selected as a finalist for the Skills USA National Advisor of the Year Award.

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