Happy Pappy’s Family is Growing

October 22, 2023

Exciting plans are in store for Happy Pappy’s Pizza & Wings, with a planned expansion to Denver and beyond! Owner Mark Anderson has announced that Happy Pappy’s will soon become a chain, creating stores beyond Durango while providing opportunities for Durango students with a $1,000 scholarship for the career and technical education program. As part of the planned expansion, Anderson is looking for a local family to take over the running of the Durango location. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Serious Texas BBQ and The Payroll Department

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We're here to announce a major expansion of Happy Pappy's Pizza and Wings, along with a two part, which is going to be the sale of the Durango Store to hopefully local family licensee. We're going to license the store out on the sale to help us with our expansion. The expansion starts after the sale. The sale goes up immediately. What we're looking for in it is somebody, hopefully a family local to come and take over what I've been doing.

You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Serious Texas Bar-B-Q and the Payroll Department. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. Happy Pappy's Pizza and Wings has established itself as a Durango staple when it comes to fast casual dining, as well as a stalwarts supporter of the local schools. From the iconic beer wall to the homemade pizza dough recipe, owner Mark Anderson has curated a true Durango business.

Years ago, there used to be the red roof that you went to go get a pizza on, and it's not there anymore, it's all box, walk-in, delivery. We want to bring the family style, local pizza place back to the country, to America.

To bring that iconic family Pizza place does mean changes with planned expansions in Denver, Florida, and beyond. Anderson is looking for a local family to take over the running of the Durango store. Happy Pappy's is a Durango business, a Durango company, and Anderson wants to keep it that way, including a special provision for the Durango High School students that study just across the street.

For every store that we build, we're going to have a $1,000 annual scholarship to the DHS Trade School kids. And every store we open, we're going to bring a $1,000 back to Durango.

Anderson plans to have the first $1,000 scholarship by the end of 2023, 24-school-year for the class of 2024. And with a planned expansion across the East Coast, that amount should grow exponentially providing for students for years to come. And so, while Happy Pappy's looks to expand, the home store of Durango will remain.

And we're engaged with the kids. You know, we're engaged with all the schools. Every kid that comes in, under 12, gets a free cookie. We need to put a sign up for that. Those types of things, the family, the kids like to go. You don't want to go somewhere and the kids go, "Oh, we got to go there again?" I want them dragging their parents' hands to get them to Happy Pappy's.

Anderson is asking all interested prospective business owners to contact him at mark@pappys.pizza. Find more information about this and other stories at durangolocal.news. Thank you for watching this edition of The Local News Network, I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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