Dial-A-Ride Expands Service, Fall Balloon Glows


Dial-A-Ride, a part of RoadRunner transit, has announced expanded service areas to better serve rural La Plata Residents. Table to Farm Compost is offering three months of free compost service in exchange for filling out a short survey, and LPEA is looking for area builders to partner with. Watch this story again and more at www.durangolocal.news/newsstories/dial-a-ride-expands-service-fall-balloon-glows. This story is sponsored by Tafoya & Barrett & Associates and the Man Cave Barber

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Dial-A-Ride, a door to door public transit servicing rural La Platta County announced an expanded area of service for residents. Table to Farm Compost is partnering with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the City of Durango to conduct a market study on composting and offering free compost services for participants. And LPEA is looking to partner with local home builders to encourage high efficiency home construction. You're watching the local news roundup, brought to you by Tafoya Barrett and Associates and Man Cave Barber. I'm Wendy Graham-Settle. Dial-A-Ride, a service through Roadrunner Transit, offers door-to-door service for rural La Platta County residents. The service which operates primarily in the Bayfield and Ignacio City limits has announced the expansion of its service area for door-to-door rides. Residents can now travel to Forest Lakes, Durango West, Florida Mesa, Elmore's Corner, Sunnyside, Bondad, La Posta Road and Hesperus, among other locations. Rates run from $1 per person per ride up to $50 for a monthly unlimited ride pass. Find service information and updated maps at roadrunnertransit.org. Reservations can be made between 5:15 AM and 7:45 PM online or by calling 970-563-4545. Table to Farm Compost is asking residents to take part in a curbside compost market study. The study in partnership with the City of Durango and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment aims to inform possible future waste diversion efforts. Participants in the study will receive three months of free weekly food scrap collection in exchange for filling out two short surveys, one at the beginning of the three month period and one at the end. The market study is made possible by a $119,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health's Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Program. The study also coincides with the opening of Table to Farm Compost's new class three compost facility. The new facility located north of Elmore's Corner is a four acre site dedicated to windrow composting, blended soil production and seed start growth. To learn more about the market study or to sign up visit tabletofarmcompost.com/marketstudy. The La Platta Electric Association, LPEA, is looking for local contractors and home builders to partner with to encourage the development of resource efficient and affordable housing within LPEA's service territory. LPEA wants to promote the development of all electric high efficiency homes that align with the goals of the co-op. To learn more about the program, or if you're an interested builder, contact rebates@LPEA.coop. That's it for this week's local roundup. I'm Wendy Graham-Settle.


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