Completion of Phase One Development for SOIL Outdoor Learning

September 20, 2023

The City of Durango voted unanimously to annex nearly 2,000 acres of land from the Durango Mesa Park Foundation. If you’re a poet, and you know it, applications are open for the first-ever Durango Poet Laureate position, there is an adult and youth position available, both are three-year terms And come celebrate with SOIL Outdoor Learning Lab with the completion of Phase One development. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by The Payroll Department and Sky Ute Casino

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The city of Durango voted unanimously on the annexation of almost 2000 acres from the Durango Mesa Park Foundation. Durango will introduce the first ever poet laureate position in 2024. Applications are open now for the adult poet laureate and youth poet laureate and come celebrate the completion of Soil Gardens phase one. You're watching the Local News Roundup, brought to you by The Payroll Department and Sky Ute Casino. I'm Wendy Graham Settle. The city of Durango voted this month to annex 1,928 acres to the city of Durango from the Durango Mesa Park Foundation. The annexed land will be used for several recreational purposes. Proposed initial zoning designations include rural agriculture and open space. The annexation part of the Durango Mesa area plan and the city's comprehensive plan have been in the work since August, 2018. The region has been identified as an area to provide parks and recreation facilities. Learn more about both plans online. Durango will introduce a poet laureate position for the first time in its history in 2024. The project is funded by the city of Durango's Lodgers Tax and Cultural Fund, and administered by the Friends of the Durango Public Library. There are two positions, the adult poet laureate and youth poet laureate, and are three year long positions. The adult poet laureate will receive an annual $2,000 stipend, and the youth poet laureate will receive a $300 annual stipend. The initiative aims to recognize the exceptional talent of local poets and reinforce the importance of building a flourishing creative economy through the literary arts. Applications are open to all La Plata County residents and are due October 16th. The selection process will be overseen by the Poet Laureate Committee led by Gail Lovel from the Friends of the Durango Public Library and Daisy Grace from the Durango Public Library. The committee is also looking for one or two more volunteers from the community. Come celebrate the grand opening of the community gardens at Soil Outdoor Learning Lab Saturday, September 30th. Enjoy the literal fruits and veggies of labor at the gardens, live music and activities for all ages. The Community Gardens is the first of four phases of soil combining educational plots, family and individual plot rentals and shared spaces and resources for students throughout Durango schools. The Community Garden consists of 90 garden beds built by over 200 volunteers using lumber from local wildfire mitigation efforts. At the party, catch a sneak peek of phase two of the project, a 1400 square foot grow dome that will offer year-round space for outdoor education. Learn more about these and other stories online at Thank you for watching this edition of the Local News Roundup. I'm Wendy Graham Settle.


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