Chamber Chat: Is Your Pet the Next Top Dog or Coolest Cat?


Jack Llewellyn and Kim Oyler of the Durango Chamber of Commerce join Allee the goldendoodle to bring you information on this summer's Top Dog & Coolest Cat contest, a fun filled event benefiting Parker's Animal Rescue.

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Hello, I'm Jack Llewellyn, with the Chamber of Commerce.

And I'm Kim Oyler.

And, we're here to talk about, that's right, Cool Cat, Top Dog Contest. It's back, right?

It is back.

And when do we, what do we do to register, Kim?

It's really easy. All you do, is get your favorite picture of your dog or your cat, and you go online to and search for Durango Chamber of Commerce, and then you just enter your dog or your cat. And, it's $10 to enter, a dollar per vote, and then you just ask your friends and your family to vote. And then, we'll pick a winner at the end of July, basically, July 24th is the last day, so.

And can Allie enter?

Allie is not able to enter, but I think she's a pretty cool dog.

Can you shake?

But, of course, I'm biased.

Shake, Allie's your dog.

She is my dog.

And she's what, a 12 year old?

She's a 12 year old Goldendoodle.

Uh huh.

And so, yeah, she likes to do tricks, and she likes treats.

Aw, obviously she loves the treats, as I'm, you know, bribing her a little bit, and again, you can go to and register. And, what about our sponsors?

We have great sponsors, and we couldn't do this contest without them, Alpine Bank, Steamworks Brewing Company, Allison Ragsdale Photography. We've got Pet Haus, Four Corners Broadcasting, "The Durango Herald." Who am I missing?

I'm looking on the little cheat sheet. I think we got everybody, Marketing Concept Squared. And, when you enter, what are some of the contest prizes? I, personally, am excited about the beer.

Well, the top three dogs and top three cats will each be featured on their own beer label from Steamworks Brewing, and so it's going to be a nice little, it's a fun little label that their pictures are on, and the top dog or top cat can help name the beer as well. And then we also have other prizes, like a gift certificate to Pet Haus. Allison Ragsdale is going to do a pet session, a photography session, which is pretty fun. And then, of course, you know, we're going to have a party at Bird's in August.

A Fur Ball.

A Fur Ball to name the contest winners.

That you know, that's so cool, and what I want to remind everybody, when you enter, it's only $10 to enter, and when you enter, you do get 10 votes right away, and then call your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, all, everybody that you know, because it's only a buck to enter, and it's in the spirit of fun. And who's the benefactor?

It's Lisa Parker's Puppies, now known as Parker's Animal Rescue. So, we raised a lot of money last year for the Humane Society, and so we're hopin' to do the same thing for Parker's Animal Rescue this year.

And I know last year it was, it was a little over, I believe, $8,200, so.

It was.

You can help a cause and have some fun, and again, we've opened this up to cats.

Yes. New this year, last year was just dogs. This year, we're doin' both dogs and cats. They're in two different categories, so yeah, if you, you know, if you have a cool cat, please take a picture, enter, tell us a little bit about who they are, what their name is, and then tell your family and friends to vote.

And again, it's so simple to do. You can go to, click on the little link, or


And you have a good dog.

She's pretty chill.

She's awesome, yes, and Allie also, I just got to say, she comes into our office, and we're actually filming this the day before Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Yup, yup. I think everyday should be Take Your Dog to Work Day, but.

I agree.

That's me.

All right, I'm going to run through the sponsors again, Alpine Bank, Steamworks, Allison Ragsdale, Four Corners Broadcasting, Pet Haus, "Durango Herald," and Marketing Concepts Squared. Thank you to all of them, because without their support, we couldn't have done this. And also, What are we forgetting?

It's easy, yeah, just to, you know, enter, it's for a great cause, so please, tell your family and friends to do this and help out Parker's Animal Rescue.

All right, we'll see you at the Fur Ball in August, and this contest runs now through July 24th, and you can vote as many times as you want. And again, I think the winner last year ended up, over $5,200 was raised.

Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Yeah, yeah, so check it all out and thank you for tuning in. And Allie, you want to go for a walk?

Always .


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