Brewfest Offers Double the Fund


The crowds will be smaller, but you'll have twice the opportunity to enjoy the beers and beverages offered this year at the 22nd annual San Juan Brewfest set for August 28-29, brought to you by the Bank of the San Juans. Sponsored by Durango Party Rental and Tile and Light Art of Durango

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Sure, well the San Juan Brewfest, its COVID pivot is to go to a two-day event this year. And so, typically, we're one day, we're 2,500 people smashed into Buckley Park here, and now, we're going to be two days, a Saturday and a Sunday with a 1,000 tickets sold each day. So there'll be a lot more room for everyone to spread out in the park.

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Now the breweries are from all over, a lot of Colorado, a good amount of New Mexico. All of our local breweries here are coming including our newest one, Anarchy Brewing. A lot of people haven't had a chance to try them yet, but they will at the brew fest, and then we've got breweries from Utah and we even bringing one from Connecticut down here. So they're literally from all over the nation like they normally are. Build a fundraiser for United Way, it's become a really good one over time. We do $50,000 plus for them every year, so it was a big hit last year when we couldn't hold the event. But we're super excited to get back this year, have fun in the park, spread out a little bit more, and support a good, local charity. Saturday did sell out earlier today as we're recording this, but Sunday there's plenty of tickets left so Sunday will be just as fun as Saturday. Hours are a little different, Sunday is noon to 16:00 so we'll get you home a little earlier. If you got to go to work on Monday or whatever you got to do on Monday, I encourage you to take the day off, that's what I'm going to try to do. Yeah, we'll have live bands, two live bands both days, so our headliner on Saturday is the Afrobeatniks, and on Sunday it's DJ-Calvin, and both days we're opened by Profetic Calaveras, so we kind of have like this funk feel going throughout all the music this year, all local. Well, just buy your tickets, it's They really are going fast, and I expect those Sunday ones to really start selling now that Saturday's sold out. This is the 22nd year of the brew fest. I don't know what to do about 2020, do you count it, do you not count it? So I'm not counting it. So it's the 22nd year, so it's an even with a long history, and it's become a really fun event for town, good economic impact at the tail end of summer. And so you know, we're Saturday, August 28, and Sunday, August 29th this year, and all the details are at


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