50 Years of Community

January 18, 2024

Alpine Bank celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving back to the communities of Colorado, distributing a total of $426,500 to 355 nonprofits chosen by its employees, including 14 in the Durango area. The bank, founded in 1973 by Bob Young, has a longstanding commitment to philanthropy, today seen in action through the Loyalty Debit Card program, which contributes 10 cents to a fund for local causes with every use. In commemoration of the $55 million raised through the program, Alpine Bank provided each employee with $500 to donate to a nonprofit of their choice for the anniversary celebration. By Hannah Robertson. This story is sponsored by Alpine Bank.

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After 50 years of serving the communities of Colorado, Alpine Bank decided to celebrate the milestone the way Alpine Bank does best, by celebrating and uplifting nonprofits in their communities. On August 1st, 2020 355 organizations chosen by Alpine employees received close to $426,000, including 15 nonprofits in the Durango area. You're watching the Local News Network, brought to you by Alpine Bank. I'm Gillian Arnwine. Alpine Bank was founded in 1973 by Bob Young, and the philanthropic element has always been a core component of the bank, even as it grew and spread across Colorado. In fact, on the bank's opening day in Carbondale, the ribbon cutting included 50 silver dollars, which was donated to a local Carbondale nonprofit. That spirit of philanthropy continues today. Today, instead of 50 silver dollars, Alpine Bank's loyalty debit card program puts 10 cents of its own into a fund for local causes. To commemorate the $55 million raised for grants, scholarships, and more from the loyalty debit card program, Alpine Bank gave each employee $500 to donate to a nonprofit of their choice for the 50th celebration. On August 1st, Colorado Day, the 355 organizations selected by Alpine employees received a surprise donation toward their goals. In Durango alone, 14 different nonprofit organizations received donations. The selected organizations included the Adaptive Sports Association, the Boys & Girls Club of Durango, Durango High School Basketball, Four Corners Rainbow Youth Center, the La Plata County Historical Society, the La Plata County Search & Rescue, the La Plata Youth Services, Manna Soup Kitchen, Mesa Verde Foundation, Parker's Animal Rescue, The Hive, Young Musicians for the World, Durango Adult Education Center, and San Juan Symphony. Employees also donated to the Children's Hospital of Colorado and the Colorado High School Cycling League. Celebrate your community and learn more about Alpine Bank's continued dedication to giving back at local Alpine Bank branches. Find the information on the local nonprofits online and on their social media. Catch up on Alpine Bank's Community Matters series, highlighting local nonprofits and other news stories at durangolocal.news. Thank you for watching this edition of the Local News Network. I'm Gillian Arnwine.


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