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April 5th - Colorado COVID-19 totals (as of 4/3, 4 pm): 4,565 cases, 126 deaths, 875 hospitalized, 23,900 tested, 30 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities,
Southwest Colorado confirmed cases by county: La Plata (31), Archuleta (6), Montezuma (8), Dolores (0), San Juan (0). 1 death in Montezuma,,
Local health officers recommend covering nose and mouth when going out,
CDOT and Dept of Natural Resources asks people to avoid heading to the mountains this weekend,
2-1-1 activated: online, dial 2-1-1, or text your zip code to 898-211. Only call 911 for medical emergency,

New Directive: Wear Masks in Public

Health officials now want you to wear masks in public to protect yourself from contracting the coronavirus and from spreading it, in case you’ve been infected but don’t have symptoms.

Share Message of Hope with Others on LNND

Durango’s ragtime piano player provides a short concert in his message of home for our community. He performs online concerts at 6 p.m. every Saturday night:

Only Time Will Tell about Real Estate

The real-estate market remains steady for now as deals in the pipeline continue to close. Dan Korman with Alpenglow Properties says it’s too soon to tell how the pandemic will affect the future market.

Montezuma County Pulls Together to Feed Medical Frontline

J.Fargo’s Brewery in Cortez is using its resources to feed first-responders and health-care workers in Montezuma County.

Coalition Feeds Truckers Passing Thru

The Ute Cafe, with the help of a coalition of non-profits and faith communities, is feeding the armada of truckers passing through Montezuma County to deliver supplies across the country.

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