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Airport Traffic Slowly Grows thru June

Passenger traffic at the Durango Airport dropped to just 5 percent of average when the pandemic hit La Plata in March. It’s slowly inching back up as passengers feel more comfortable about airline travel.

How Restaurants Cope with New Normal

We talked with three restaurant owners about their adjustments to social-distancing recommendations as they re-open for business, and some of the changes look like they’re here to stay!

Remain Diligent with Social Distancing

San Juan Basin Public Health reported a 42 percent increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases in La Plata County during the last two weeks of June as Durango re-opens and visitors arrive on summer vacation.

Proteins + Veggies + Dietary Fat = Health

Jolie Ensign, nutritionist with Habit, recommends that you keep a journal about the foods you eat, not to count calories, but to observe how foods make you feel mentally and physically.

Clarks: Chief Isn’t Top Priority Just Now

The Clarks, owners of the 60-year-old Toh-Atin Gallery, say the protests over the historic Chief sign couldn’t have come at a worst time as they struggle to stay in business during the pandemic.

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